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Surprisingly Simple - Identity Governance in Azure AD


One of my client had several requirements related to Identity and Access management for users belonging to their organization , users belonging to their partner organization and users synchronized from on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (aka Windows Active Directory.

In this post I will take each of the above requirement and explain the solutions offered by Azure AD as well as show you how to implement them.

Scenario-1 : Application and User access management for cloud identities (users belonging to client's own organization)

  • The client had several Enterprise Applications, User Groups, and SharePoint Online sites.

  • The client wanted to provide access to the above mentioned applications, user groups and SP Online site without the intervention of IT team and on-demand ( aka access request) .

  • For certain applications and SP Online sites client wanted to implement approval workflows for some of them automatic approval.

  • Client had 250 users who shall be managed using Entitlement Management via Identity Governance feature.

Prerequisites for Scenario-1

  • Licensing requirements

  • The client need to have Azure AD premium P2 or Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 license

  • License and registration of SaaS / Custom Applications in Azure AD

  • As many licenses as required for

  • Member users who can request an access package.

  • Member users who request an access package.

  • Member users who approve requests for an access package.

  • Member users who review assignments for an access package.

  • Member users who have a direct assignment or an automatic assignment to an access package.

What will you need to develop a Proof Of Concept (PoC) for scenario-1

  • Global Administrator privileges for Azure AD tenant

  • License as mention above ( You can use the trial version of Azure AD P2 license - watch the video below)

  • Applications you want to include in Access Package

  • Test User Account in Azure AD

  • Test Group in Azure AD

For this scenario we will see an example to register a SharePoint online site in the Access Package and then configure the access package so that it can be requested (in other words a user may request access through access package).

Create and Configure Catalog & Access Package using Azure AD Identity Governance

Watch the video below to know how to create and configure

  • Catalog

  • Access Package

Testing Identity Governance feature - Access Package

After we have configured the access package we want to test it to confirm that it works as expected.

  • Request Access via My Access Portal link

  • Access the application (in our case SharePoint Online Developer Site)

Conclusion - Scenario-1

  • We can create access package to automate identity governance and configure role assignment, group access, and application access.

  • We have granualr control over the several features of Access package .

  • Multiple Access Packages can be created for specific scenarios and put in a catalog


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